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SketchUp Ruby API Cheatsheet

SketchUp Ruby API and plugins cheatsheet

SketchUp Ruby API and plugins cheatsheet

I like working with cheatsheets when I do coding. Although the online API reference is very extensive and has great examples and the downloadable version is a good solution when you’re offline, this one may be useful as a reference once you mastered the basic concepts. It contains the full API reference in a condensed form. It also has a plugin template and some code snippets. Feel free to suggest improvements and additions for future versions.

You can download the PDF file here:

Download “SketchUp Ruby API and Plugins Cheatsheet” sketchup_ruby_cheatsheet_v2.pdf – Downloaded 6068 times – 74 kB

Other useful Ruby cheatsheets and helpers are:

Below is an older version of the cheatsheet. It lists only the API classes and methods line-by-line and prints on five pages.

SketchUp Ruby Cheatsheet

SketchUp Ruby API Cheatsheet

Download “SketchUp Ruby API listing” sketchup_ruby_cheatsheet.pdf – Downloaded 2125 times – 28 kB

Written by Alex
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  • Michel Radino

    I should have started here to learn Ruby! ;-)
    Especially those cheat sheets.

  • alexschreyer

    I just updated the cheat sheet for SU v.8.

  • Fil

    There's a minor bug in the last page.

    module my_module

    should be

    module My_module

    because modules names have to be constant, i.e. start with a capital letter

    • alexschreyer

      Thanks for the correction, Fil. I made the change.

      Cheers, Alex